Boosting your medical practice

We’ve noted the following books that deal with ways to increase or improve the performance of a medical practice.

  1. The Medical Group Management Association has produced a book entitled Rx for Business Success: Joining a Medical Practice. The 6×9 inch paperback book has 195 pages and sells for $34.99 at It was first introduced in 2005.
  2. Marketing Your Clinical Practices: Ethically, Effectively, Economically, 4th edition. By Neil Baum and Gretchen Henkel. The paperback version has 608 pages and costs $71.96 from
  3. The Ultimate Practice-Building Book, by David W. Zahaluk, MD. Self-published through Trafford Publishing, but a search at Trafford came back empty. The book has 106 pages and an ISBN of 1-4251-3639-7.  Try a book store or look up the doctor in Plano, Texas. The best address I got for him is Family Medicine Assoc, 6300 W Parker Rd Ste G20, Plano, TX 75093, (972) 981-8181. Or go here to learn about the doctor’s coaching systems.
  4. Building Your Ideal Practice. This is not a book but a system you are invited to join. It includes audio seminars, tapes of past seminars and podcasts.  
  5. Lean Six Sigma Subtitle, for the Medical Practice. A book published by Greenbranch Publishing and written by Frank Cohen and Owen Dahl. The subtitle is Improving Profitability by Improving Processes. Six Sigma is a method of business management originally developed by Motorola in 1981.
  6. 27 Proven Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Practice Profits – Medical Edition (Audio CD), by Lonnie Hirsch and Stewart Gandolf. Available from for $199.

I haven’t found a book on how certain marketing tools can help you develop a bigger or different practice base. Probably the fact is that consultants believe they’ll do better by offering their consulting services than by writing helpful, practical books.

If you come across such a book (helpful, practical), please let me know. If you’ve given up, let me know, too. It could be the next book I produce…

Joyce Griffith, MBA

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